Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Disney AEP Trip {Day 1}

I am so excited to start telling you about the amazing opportunity I had a few weeks ago. I applied to attend an onsite agent training trip in Disney World and I was selected!! To say I was excited was a slight understatement. In the weeks leading up to the trip, I started a Facebook group where all the agents going could reconnect. I ending up chatting with two other agents and we decided to extend our trip by two days so we could have even more time in the most magical place on Earth! This would be the longest time I had been away from my hubby or 3.5 year old daughter but I was so excited for the opportunity.

I left Memphis VERY early in the morning and had a connecting flight in Chicago. I arrived in Orlando around 12:30 and hit the ground running. I got my own bags and took Magical Express to my hotel, Animal Kingdom Lodge. Passing through the entrance gives me chills every time!

I checked into Animal Kingdom Lodge. This was actually the first time I had ever been there and it was just fabulous. The lobby was gorgeous and the attention to detail was amazing!!

I made my way to my room and immediately took pictures before I junked it up with all my stuff.

I made little happi's for my new friends that I would be hanging with for the next week. Mickey Q-tip cases and gum (since you can't buy gum anywhere on Disney property!).

My friends room was right down the hall from me so that was very convenient.

Animal Kingdom lodge offers a free culinary tour everyday at 3:45. Advance reservations are not required. You just show up and get tours of the 2 restaurants on property, Boma and Sanna.

The tours are done by guides that are actually from Africa and they were full of knowledge and told us about so many details in the restaurant that you would not have known otherwise.

This is Boma. Its open for 3 meals a day. They gave us samples of butternut squash soup to try. 

In Sanna, we were given different types of breads and flatbreads with different dips/hummus. They were all really yummy.

After going back to the room for a few minutes to freshen up, we met the rest of our group for the first time in the lobby. We boarded a bus and were driven over to Epcot. We got to enter through the back way and it was VERY interesting to see behind the scenes of everything. 

We went to The Seas where a catered dinner was waiting for us. Our leader spoke a little bit about the weeks upcoming events and we also had time to mingle and chat with the other agents. 

After dinner, we walked over to World Showcase where they had a private viewing area and dessert party set up just waiting for us. 

Everything was delicious and it was amazing to have a spot to watch Illuminations. I had never actually seen the show before so to be able to watch it like this was super fun. They also gave us special glasses to wear that enhanced the fireworks. It was such a great night!!

After Illuminations, they brought us back to the hotel where we all crashed. Stay tuned for Day #2.

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