Sunday, August 25, 2013

Planning Your Trip to Disney: When To Go

So you have decided to go to Disney World? Best idea ever!!! But now the hard part comes...actually planning the trip. Don't worry, I will help you. The first thing to do is to decide when to go. Lots of people have their own opinions on this but I will tell you when I think is the best time to go.

Of course, anytime is great to go to Disney, but some are just better than others. Weather, crowds....they all play a part!

If you can avoid it, don't go during the summer. I know, summer is when your kids are out of school so it seems like right time to go. It's not. It's friggin hot, the lines are long, and the crowds are terrible. I am a former teacher and I am telling you that it is WORTH IT to take your kids out of school for Disney. 

Here are the best times to go in my opinion:

1. The Week After Thanksgiving
Crowds are low and the weather is great. Also, they have started putting up the Christmas decorations...which is just purely magical!

2. All of September
School is back is session for most kids, the weather isn't as hot as it is in the summer and you can practically walk onto rides. 

3. October
It can be busy if they are offering free dining, but the kids are in school so its not too bad. Also, Halloween at Disney is super fun!

4. The First Week of May
The weather is gorgeous, kids are in school, and its Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival. 

5. The First Two Weeks of June
It's "Gay Days" in the parks. I guess that tends to scare off some people. The crowds are usually really low these weeks. So...if that sort of thing doesn't bother you, GO!

Countdown to Disney

Once you have your trip booked, it's really fun to make a countdown of how many days until your trip. Here are some of my favorites that people have done. The links are underneath the pictures.

(Frame it and use a dry erase marker to write the days)

(This is on Etsy, but you could easily make it yourself.)

I like the idea of having a fun Disney activity or small gift each day of your countdown. Here is a list of some examples. 

Disney Inspired Photo Shoot

Seriously, I could die...these pictures are sooo cute! I would LOVE to do this with Sally! The problem would be collecting all the props.