Monday, June 30, 2014

Disney Freebie: Customized Maps

Today I am going to share a fun Disney freebie with you...customized maps. Order these before your trip and either use them in the park or save them as souvenirs. 
I got mine in the mail a few days ago and was really impressed with the quality. 

Click here, make sure you have created an account and then you will be able to order FREE Disney maps. Just start off my highlighting all of the attractions, rides, restaurants, etc. that you want to see in that park. You can do one map for each of the four parks. 

They will even let you select a "theme" for your maps...classic or characters. 

They will be delivered to your door in a few weeks. Enjoy ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shopping For Your Disney Trip at The Dollar Tree {Updated}

If you have a trip to Disney planned soon (or if your kids just love the characters), you need to head over to The Dollar Tree soon. This post was written in June 2014 and all of these items were at my local store. If you want to read my old post about shopping at Dollar Tree, you can find it here.

I loved these red bins. They would be cute if you were putting together a "We're Going to Disney" basket for your kids.

These little figurines were cute. I have seen some cute crafts on Pinterest that use these.

These musical instruments were fun!

You will for sure need light up/glowing things for night time. Dollar Tree has you covered...

Light up bracelets

Glow Sticks/Bracelets

My favorites were these Disney character light up sticks. I had to get Sally the Princess one!

There were princess and mickey things in the party section.

These red photo albums could be dressed up with stickers to make memory books after your trip.

They also had Mickey pencils.

For dress up, you could get a skirt and wings and have your little fairy walk around the park.

These activity packs would be great for a car or airplane ride.


There were Disney character googles...perfect for the pool.

They also had water squirters.


They had the cutest water bottles and snack containers.

Minnie and princess frisbees and hair stuff

Character flash lights and night lights. I think the night lights would be great for the hotel room.

Princess spoons

Coloring books and crayons


These were cool...bags that you fill with water and then clip to something.

As you can see...there is a lot right now :)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Disney's Magical Express: All You Need To Know

Have you ever thought about using Disney’s Magical Express but didn’t know how it worked. It is a stress free way to get to and from the airport where Disney takes care of it all for you  This service is complimentary and is included in the price of your room.
Your Disney Travel Agent (Me!) can register for you Magical Express when you book your vacation package or you can call (407) WDW-MAGIC anytime prior to your trip.   If you register for Magical Express within the 2 week window of your trip you may not get your materials in time and will need to see the Magical Express desk at the airport to check in for your transportation to your resort.
About two weeks prior to your trip you will receive a package in the mail from me that includes your Disney’s Magical Express documents. 
  • One luggage sticker person traveling.  These resemble airline luggage tags.  They are yellow and include you name and destination resort.
  • A ticket book with your transfer coupons.  You will need this to check in for your bus to your resort.

Prior to departure:

Put your transfer coupon booklet into your carry-on bag.

Add the yellow tags to your luggage (if you don't have the yellow tags, just hold on to your luggage receipt from the airline).

Once you arrive at Orlando International Airport (MCO):

You do not need to stop and get your luggage. (If you arrive after 10 pm, luggage service will not be available.) You will need to get your luggage and take it with you on the Disney's Magical Express Bus. 

Proceed to Side B ground level. At ground level you will see Disney Cast Members with large Mickey hands pointing you in the right direction.

If you already have your transfer coupons you can go straight to the waiting area and check in with a Cast Member.

If you do not have your documents and/or did not tag your luggage:
Check in at the customer service desks on the right
Give them your luggage receipts and they will deliver your 
luggage to the resort for you.

Tip: They also have free Magical Express stickers for the kids that you can only get from the desk.

Once you have your transfer coupons you can move on to the waiting areas.

A Cast Member will be greet you and and direct you to the right area to wait for the bus to your resort. 

Depending on the time of day, you can be in line for just a couple of minutes or close to a half hour. This may try your patience as you have been traveling all day but know they are constantly monitoring the lines and ordering busses. This is a good time to eat a snack if you have one.

When your bus is ready, a Cast Member will direct you to the correct spot outside. If you have carry-on or regular luggage, the driver will load it under the bus until you arrive at your hotel.

The Bus:
The buses are very comfortable and are air-conditioned. 
On the way to your resort, you will be shown a welcome video from Mickey and all of his friends. 

The kids will be entertained on the 20 minute ride :) Wait until you ride underneath the Walt Disney World sign...everyone will be so excited!

Check In:
About 3 hours after you check in, your luggage will magically appear in your room.
Your resort is given a heads up when your bus is about to arrive. They will have as many cast members ready to make your check-in a breeze.
About 3 hours later your luggage magical appears in your room.

Hint: Knowing it could be 3 hours before you see your luggage make sure to pack items you may want while you wait.   (i.e. swim wear so kids can take a dip in the pool)

If 3 hours is too long until you have your luggage, you have the option to pick up your bags from the airport yourself, bring them to Magical Express, and have the driver put the bags under the bus.

A day before you check out Disney Magical Express leaves an envelope on your room door with the information you need for your return to the airport.   If it does not arrive just go to the front desk and they will take care of it.

Magical Express will pick you up at your resort about 3 hours before your flight leaves. 

You can go to the lobby and check in your luggage in for your flight and have your tickets printed for you up to 3 hours before Magical Express departure.