Sunday, September 29, 2013

Disney $1 Store Shopping

I was at the $1 Tree the other day and saw several things that would be great for anyone going to Disney World.  I wanted to share with you :)

Cute little anti-bacterial gels. These would be great to attach to your backpack at the park.

Magic Towels. They expand when you put water on them...great for fast clean ups in the park or to use in the hotel for fun.

Minnie body wash...great for using at the hotel and would make a little girl very happy!

Princess know to play with when waiting in line or at the parade, etc.

Paddle ball...wouldnt the people waiting in line just LOVE you if your kids were playing this?! Ha!

Disney soap on a and easy to travel with.

Little Disney plastic characters

Tutu's, wings, glow sticks...need I say more?

 GLOW STICKS!! The $1 Tree is a great place to stock up on these. It's smart to buy several and pass them out at night when you are in the parks. It will save you a lot of money if you bring your own. The ones they sell in the parks are expensive!!

Princess water bottles...fill them up at the hotel in the morning and let your little one drink it during the day.

Disney sandwich could also fill them up with snacks for the parks. 

They also sell Disney night lights...perfect for using in the hotel room at night.

Have you seen anything at the $1 Tree recently that would be great for a trip?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Great Deal at Walmart

This Newborn Girls’ Minnie Onesie with Dot Skirt is on sale for $5.00 at right now. That’s 62% off the list price of $12.97! Super cute!

Friday, September 6, 2013

More Toys R Us Goodies for Your Disney Trip!

I was at Toys R Us again yesterday and found more Disney goodies that i wanted to share with you. The best part: most of these were in the $1-$2 section...perfect little happies for your little ones!! 

Shopping For Your Disney Trip At Wal-Mart

I kind of dislike Wal-Mart. I'm just more of a Target girl. But I can't deny that Wal-Mart has some great things in-store and online right now that will make your Disney trip extra special (and save you major money by buying it before your trip and bringing it with   you. 

 I picked up these Minnie pajamas for Sally for $5.97.

In the toy section I saw some things that you little ones will LOVE...Minnie glow sticks, light sticks and spinning light sticks. PLEASE buy these and bring them on your trip. You will save so much money not buying them in the parks. They were all under $5.

In the grocery section, they have several option in the Disney fruit snack section. Perfect snack for waiting in line at the parks.

In the party section, I saw some really cute Minnie/Mickey suckers. These would be great for keeping kids from getting fussy on the plane, waiting in the airport or waiting in lines.

Disney water bottles. Fill them up in your hotel room before leaving for the parks and sip on them all day. Much cheaper than buying a bunch of bottled water at the park.

 LOTS of Disney toys in the toy section. Maybe you need a little something for your child to play with in the car or on the plane. Maybe you want to wrap it up and give it to your child from "Mickey and Minnie". I think it would be so fun to give them a little gift each day of the trip.

Bath squirters for the hotel bath and pool. I got Sally a Minnie one and she LOVES it!

There are several super cute Disney strollers available at Wal-Mart right now. The other great thing? They are under $20 each!!!  Here are my favorites:

Minnie Stroller

Mickey Stroller

Princess Stroller

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shopping For Disney at Toys R Us

If you are planning a trip to Disney soon, I wanted to show you a few unexpected places to find goodies for your trip. I will be focusing on one store at a time. Today we are shopping at Toys R Us. I was in my local store yesterday and saw a few things that you may be interested in. 

All of the summer stuff is 70% off. They had Mickey bubbles for about a $1...perfect for blowing while waiting in line at Disney.

They had Disney clothes galore....perfect for wearing on your trip. I especially liked the Snow White shirt that looks like a dress. It would be cute with leggings, a shirt or even jeans. 

This is the dress that I  picked up for Sally. She LOVES it!! Wouldn't your little Minnie look adorable wearing this with the "real" Minnie Mouse?