Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Day At Disney {Solo}

So as you can tell from my title, I decided to be brave and do a day at Disney by myself. Read why here:  crazy traveling adventure

My day started off super early. I checked out of the hotel near the airport around 5:15 am and took the free shuttle to the airport. I went downstairs at the airport and got on Disney's Magical Express (free shuttle) to the All Star Sports Resort. 

Its certainly not the most glamourous Disney resort but I got a great deal ($85/night). 

When you go to Disney you MUST stay on property. It makes everything soooo much easier! The last time I was at this resort was for a high school cheer nationals. I checked in and was very happy that my room was ready so early in the morning (6 am). 

I was so excited to try out the new "Magic Bands".
 I went to my room, threw my stuff on the bed and was out the door again. I took the free bus to Magic Kingdom and was there by 7. The park was scheduled to open at 8 am but I like to get there early and take it all in. 

I was so happy to be there for the welcome show. You must experience this once at magical!

 I started chatting with a mom/daughter team behind me and they had no idea what they were doing so I told them to just come with me and I would show them the best way to do things. First we stopped and took pics in front of the castle.

We went right to Space Mtn and rode it about 5 times...walked through Fantasyland and rode Peter Pan and then rode Haunted Mansion. Next up was Thunder Mtn. (which we rode about 3 times). The whole time I was telling them all kinds of Disney trivia, helpful hints, etc. I was like their own personal tour guide.

I stuck with them for a few hours but I was freezing and needed to buy a stupid $50 Mickey Mouse hoodie so I didn't freeze. I told them we could meet back up later if they wanted. 

Now it was snack time..I was starving!! I got a Dole Pineapple favorite Disney treat!!

I also ate a Mickey pretzel :)

After a quick lunch I decided to just walk around and ride a bunch of things.


I took a quick trip back to the hotel around 2 pm so that I could rest my legs and charge my phone. I was at the hotel for a about 30 minutes and then I was back for round 2. I rode a bunch of rides, walked in and out of several store, people watched, and grabbed some chicken tenders for dinner.  During the night time parade, I decided to just ride Space Mountain over and over. Then it was time for fireworks. I felt a little lonely watching them by myself but no one seemed to notice that I was by myself.

After the fireworks, I rode Space Mountain 2 more times and then decided to go buy Sally a souvenir. I had it narrowed down between a super tacky Minnie purse and a light up Minnie thing...when you press a button, her dress spins. I took a picture and sent it to Joe.

He said to get the purse :) We will get the light up thing when we take her in the fall.

Then I decided my feet had enough walking for the day. I probably walked close to 10 miles with all my back/forth. I was exhausted. 

I got back to the hotel around 10:30. I took a hot bath and fell fast asleep.  The next morning I slept until about 8:30 and then it was time to head to the airport.

Until next time Mickey!!

All in all, I had a great time. Would I go by myself again? Not on purpose. If I was to be stuck in Orlando by myself, yes.  I thought I would be more self conscious about being there by myself...but I wasn't. No one cared/noticed.