Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shopping For Disney at Toys R Us

If you are planning a trip to Disney soon, I wanted to show you a few unexpected places to find goodies for your trip. I will be focusing on one store at a time. Today we are shopping at Toys R Us. I was in my local store yesterday and saw a few things that you may be interested in. 

All of the summer stuff is 70% off. They had Mickey bubbles for about a $1...perfect for blowing while waiting in line at Disney.

They had Disney clothes galore....perfect for wearing on your trip. I especially liked the Snow White shirt that looks like a dress. It would be cute with leggings, a shirt or even jeans. 

This is the dress that I  picked up for Sally. She LOVES it!! Wouldn't your little Minnie look adorable wearing this with the "real" Minnie Mouse?


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