Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Moske's Do Disney: Day 4

Day 4 started off with a crazy rush to Epcot. Sally got a new Snow White dress to wear. It was from Darling Charlotte on Etsy. I love it so much. It is so well made and just precious. Sally was so excited to wear it!

We had a 9:20 am breakfast reservation. Although we left with plenty of time to spare, our bus stopped for a good 15 minutes and I just knew we were going to be late. Word of advice...always get there early!! After rushing through Epcot over to Norway, we finally arrived for breakfast at Akershus. We checked in at the hostess stand and had a 5 minute wait. We were then taken inside to have pictures made with Belle. I snapped a few with my camera but a few printed photos are also included in the price of the meal.

Here are the professional ones. I think they turned out well.

The breakfast itself was yummy...lots of pastries and fruits. They also bring out a plate of eggs, sausage, bacon and potatoes. Its all you can eat :)

During the meal, the princesses make their way from table to table. Just like the other character meals we did, they come to you. You just sit and eat and they will make their way over to you for pictures and autographs. About every 25 minutes, they do a "Princess Procession" around the restaurant where your little princess is invited to parade around. Its really cute! I think they did it twice while we were there. The first time, I held Sally's hand and walked with her.

Mommy and Sally

Sally loved meeting Snow White

Daddy and Sally

Sally and Princess Aurora

The second time they did the parade, Snow White came back over to our table to get Sally. It was really special. I'm sure the princesses are partial to little ones that dress up like them :)

Sally walking around with Snow White

She was so excited to meet Ariel.

The princesses were just engaging with all of the kids. Sally would just plop right down with them. She was just so excited!

After breakfast we explored Norway.

We were able to ride this before they closed it. I am so excited to see the Frozen changes that they are doing but I will miss this ride.

We also went to Mexico to ride Gran Fiesta Tour. This is always a fun little ride.

We did a few laps around World Showcase...popping in and out of shops, eating snacks and Joe drinking beer. The Food and Wine Festival had started and I really thought we would partake in the festivities more than we did...oh well...there is always next year.

Eating a pretzel in Germany.

Playing music in Africa.

Playing with Alice in England. Sally has a special love for Alice so we were all so excited for them to meet. We were not disappointed.

There were a lot of hugs.

There was flower picking.

Alice even tied Sally's bow for her.

Sally was loving it and I think she could have hung with Alice all day. One thing I love about Disney is that the characters really take their time with the kids.

Sweet Kisses :)

Someone passed out soon after....

So Joe decided to drink around the world.

When Sally woke up, we continued our day...stopping in Italy.

And there was more beer :)

We also took turns riding Soarin'.

We all rode Nemo a few times. Sally loved it...and she also loved looking at all of the fish in the aquarium section.

Here she is pointing to "Nemo".

Spaceship Earth is always fun.

For dinner, we walked over to the Beach Club and had dinner at Cape May Cafe. Its a seafood buffet and I loved it...all you can eat crab legs, fried shrimp, was so good! After dinner, we walked back through Epcot.

It was such a fun day!!

Tips for Epcot:
*Do Akershus for breakfast. The lunch and dinner menu is a little strange.

*Try to schedule your Fast Passes in one area at a time so you arent going back and forth too much.

*Do yourself a favor. Go to Germany and get the Chocolate Covered Caramel with Sea Salt. It is soooo good!!

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