Monday, October 13, 2014

Moske's Do Disney: Day 3

We headed to Animal Kingdom and got there right after opening. The park was already getting busy and it was hot! 

I knew we needed to get over to Kilamanjaro Safari before it got too hot. I am so glad we did. The line was super short and the animals are always very active in the morning. Sally was so excited to see the elephants and giraffes!

After the safari, we went to see the Lion King show. It was just as fantastic as I not miss this!

After that Joe and I took turns riding Kali river rapids. It was fun but we both got wet. We also rode Expedition of our favorite rides. Here a little tip, if you dont mind riding with a stranger, the single rider line is always less than 5 minutes. Joe and I both rode twice in about 15 minutes!

Then we decided to break for lunch. We did the Yak and Yeti quick service and it was pretty good. At the end of lunch it started pouring! I was so glad I stopped at the $1 Tree before we left and picked up some ponchos. We also brought an umbrella and our stroller rental came with a free waterproof cover. We decided to just get wet and keep going.

For some crazy reason, I thought it would be a good idea to wear flip flops and a sundress....not smart! I was already wet from the ride but it started pouring during lunch and shortly after, my inner thighs wee not happy :( Also, my Toms were some comfy and the flip flops were not. When something is working for comfort at Disney, do not change it...lesson learned!

During a brief break in rain, we headed over to Dinoland and rode the Triceratops Spin. Joe and I also took turns riding Dinosaur. I really like that ride!

Honestly we did not get everything done that we wanted to. Our favorite ride is Everest and we each rode it 4-5 times. Between the rain, my inner thighs and the heat, we were done by 2.

After a nap at the hotel, we got our rain gear ready and took the bus to Downtown Disney.

Here is Sally being fussy because we wouldn't let her play with the umbrella.

We finally gave in.

We ate a quick service dinner at Wolfgang Pucks Express (really good!) and then walked around in the rain.

Sally loved the huge Disney store and had so much fun leading Joe around :)

*Realized there is not one picture of me....hey, someone has to be the photographer.

Tips for Animal Kingdom
*Bring a poncho to wear if you don't want to get wet on Kali River Rapids.

*Go to Kilamanjaro Safari first thing in the morning.

*Take advantage of the single rider line at Expedition Everest.

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