Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Girls Trip {Day 1}

Oh this was so hard to keep a secret. We had been planning this trip for several months (before I knew I was pregnant). Long story, I have two cousins that are my same age and we all have little girls that are all close in age too. We thought that it would be so fun to take them to Disney...just girls! We wanted it to be cheap so we decided to stay at Pop Century in two rooms. We got the dining plan and 5 day tickets and the price was awesome!

We each made up a story the morning of the trip on why we needed to go to the airport. I had been telling Sally for a few days that daddy had a business trip and we had to take him to the airport. Here she is in the back clue :)

Pulling into the airport!!

After we walked in, the other cousins came in too. They were all wearing the same shirt The crazy thing? They were still clueless. Here is a video of them opening their magic bands. 

Sally was so super excited! They couldn't believe we were going to Disney right now!!

Mommy and Sally

On the plane to Orlando!

We took Magical Express with no problem to Pop Century, got settled into the room and ate lunch in the food court. I ended up changing Sally's clothes because the Florida sun was hot!

For dessert she enjoyed the cup of dirt!

We also had to try on a hat in the hotel gift shop. 
Sally's adorable shirt is from Cotton Belle Boutique on etsy. 

The girls were so excited to be at the park!! We chose Hollywood Studios since we only had the afternoon and early evening to spend in the parks on the first day. 

We rode Toy Story Midway Mania and Great Movie Ride, did the Frozen sing a long, and met several Disney Jr. characters. 


Doc McStuffins!


Cousin hugs!!

Sally also stopped to dance with Pluto! Got to love those moves!

We need up taking a bus to Art of Animation and trying the food court over there for dinner. Then it was early to bed...we had a big day planned for Day #2...Magic Kingdom!!


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