Monday, September 29, 2014

Kingdom Strollers: Making Your Trip Even More Magical

*I was not financially compensated for this post but I did receive a free stroller rental in exchange for a review on my blog.
We just got back from the most magical place in the world...DISNEY!! My little one was 2.5 and we had a lot to bring. The thought of pushing a stroller through the airport just didn't sound fun. I had heard of renting strollers in Disney and wanted to try it out. I reached out to Matt at Kingdom Strollers to see if renting a stroller is something I should consider. 

He was so great. He answered all of my too! I knew this was a company that I wanted to work with.

Making Reservations
-Just go to Kingdom Strollers and choose your dates, stroller and any accessories that you may want. I got both the cooler and the rain cover. Then you put in your info and check out. 

-You receive a confirmation email right away. You can always email matt if you have any questions or concerns. 

-You can pick up and drop off at different resorts. Although we didn't do this, it is perfect for someone doing a split stay.

Stroller Pick Up and Returns
-When you get to your resort, head over to the bell stand and tell them that you are there to pick up a stroller. We had to sign in a book that we got it and that was it!

-When returning the stroller, go back to the same bell stand and tell them that you are returning a stroller. It couldn't be easier. 

They even put a label with your name on it. I would also recommend bringing something to tie on it. for easy recognation. You wouldn't believe the amount of strollers at Disney! Having something on your stroller that sets it apart really helps. My sign that I made worked really well for us. 

Alright... here are the pros for renting from Kingdom Strollers

-The whole process was SUPER easy!
-The strollers were very clean. You can tell that they really take care of them.
-Sally loved her stroller. It seemed very comfortable.
-There are many different types and brands of strollers available for rent. Reserve yours early for the best selection.

I am so pleased with the way the whole process worked out. Kingdom Strollers is NOW the official stroller rental of I'm Your Fairy Godmother.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Packing the Perfect Bag for a Day at the Parks

Being prepared for a day at Disney will make your life much easier. I like to carry a cross body bag and Joe usually either carries a backpack or we stow things under the stroller. Having a backpack allows you to pack some extra things. 

Here is my crossbody bag. It's from Lisa Lori Boutique and I love it! Not only is it super cute but it is reversible and washable too!
*My iphone with a super cute case by 1stopmonogram

*Gum (Disney does not sell gum anywhere on property, so if you like to chew, bring your own!)

*Pouch with quarters and pennies to make pressed pennies. This one is so cute and is from Early Bird Stitches. It also works as a small card holder and has a key ring on it.

*Busy Bag-bubbles, play doh, little dolls, etc. to keep busy in line and waiting for food. I love this one from TheScarletThread1

I am also using it as a cosmetic bag for the trip down. Its so cute!

*Business card case. This one is from m00nlit. Its super cute and is the perfect case for carrying around both my business cards and the ones of all of my favorite etsy shops to hand out :)

*Wristlet to hold some cash, Disney gift cards, stamps, ID, etc. This one is from The Frozen Mouse and she even sent the cutest little case to hold ear buds.

*My camera with the cutest camera strap by rileyjane designs. It is padded so it makes carry my camera cute and comfy.

I bought this black Northface backpack before our honeymoon to Greece almost 9 years ago. It has been our go-to for traveling and has literally been all over the world. It's amazing quality and I love all the different pockets. It makes organizing a breeze.

In the backpack:
*Ponchos-Plan on it raining. Bring cheap ponchos from the $1 Tree...enough that you can throw them away after each use. 

*Sunscreen. We like to lube up in the hotel room and then reapply through the day.

*Water Bottle and Snacks for Sally-I love this snack box and bottle set from TwoShareThoughts! We fill it with boxes of raisins, goldfish, fruit snacks, apple sauce pouches, nuts, pretzels, etc. We will fill up the water bottle throughout the day.
*Chargers for camera and phones. I also have a battery pack for my phone.

*Autograph book by Dixie Delights and sharpies. I cant wait to share this with you after we have it filled up. Not only do you get autographs in it, but its also a place to put its sorta like a little memory book. Love it!

*Glow Sticks
*Ziplock Bags
*Diapers and Wipes
*Change of clothes for Sally in a big ziplock bag
*Towel-grab one from the hotel and use it to wipe of wet strollers (its rains a lot in Florida!)

*First Aid Kit by McGLeeDesigns-chap stick, band aids, hand sanitizer, blister block, tylenol, etc. I love that this one is not only super cute but makes all my stuff organized. The seller was sweet and stocked it with some supplies for me.

*Mini spray stain remover or Tide pen (for those messes that are bound to happen)
*Coloring book and crayon roll (we have one from Kaice Joy and love it!)
*Bibs- these disposable ones work great!
*Fork and Spoon for Sally

The Cutest Outfit For Your Disney Travel Day

We are flying to Disney and I have the cutest outfit picked out for Sally to wear. 

I had seen some really cute shirts on Etsy but fell in love with this one from Makin Memories Fun. I had her tweak the colors a bit and I love the way it turned out! She was so nice work with and the shirt is really well made! It's a MUST for your little ones going to Disney for the first time!!

I also had to have these yellow and white polka dot shorties from Downtown Designs By D. They match the shirt perfectly and are really well made. The seller was super nice and the shipping was fast...can't say enough good things!

This necklace from RazzBerryBeads was the finishing touch to my perfect Minnie Mouse themed travel outfit. The colors work perfectly for this outfit and Sally is going to think she is hot stuff wearing it. The seller was so nice and offered several options to customize the shipping too!

I can't wait to share pictures of Sally wearing all of this on the plane tomorrow. She is going to be precious!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gifts From Minnie

I wrote about Tinkerbell Gifts in my last post.

Although Sally is a fan of Tinkerbell, the real star is Minnie at our house. I decided to do a "gifts from Minnie" for Sally :) If your little one has a favorite character or Princess, feel free to customize the theme of the gifts to that.

For the Minnie gifts, I got a red bin from Hobby Lobby (1/2 off) and stuck on a vinyl Mickey head. I printed off some Minnie cards and wrote little messages for Sally each day. I covered a mini clothes pin with scrapbook paper and each day when she wakes up, there will be little gifts inside the bin. The clothes pin will hold the note from Minnie. 

For her gifts I have organized everything into gallon size plastic bags. I tried to look at the days activities to pick goodies that would go with our day.

Here is what I have planned :)

Arrival Night (Sunday)
Princess Nightgown
Minnie Toothbrush
Princess Toothpaste

Monday Morning-Magic Kingdom
Glow Stick
Ribbon Wand
Snack Box and Water Bottle from Two Share Thoughts
Princess Fruit Snacks
Mickey Bubbles
Minnie Pajamas to wear at night

Monday Evening-Magic Kingdom and Dinner at Chef Mickey's
Minnie Dress from Chameleon Girls
Princess Fruit Snacks
Minnie Ears
Light Up Bracelet

Tuesday Morning-Animal Kingdom
Minnie Ears
Mickey Ears
Glow Stick
Princess Fruit Snacks
Princess Fan
Minnie Necklace from TrendyGwendy
Princess Lollipop Rings
Minnie Sunglasses

Tuesday Evening-Downtown Disney
Hooded Minnie Towel from Burpie Bibs Boutique

Wednesday Morning- Breakfast with Princesses
Snow White Dress from Darling Charlotte

Wednesday Evening-Epcot
Ribbon Wand
Rapunzel Doll
Minnie Ears
Glow Stick

Thursday Morning-Magic Kingdom

Ariel Set 
Ariel Light Up Spinner

Thursday Evening-Dinner with Cinderella
Cinderella Dress from The Cotton Belle Boutique
Mini Tiara
Cinderella Light Up Spinner
Princess Fruit Snacks

I know we will still be buying some stuff in the parks but hopefully buying small things ahead of time will save us some money!! :)

Tinkerbell Gifts

I really wanted to do things to make this trip extra super special for Sally. I know she is 2.5 and probably will not remember it, but it makes me happy :) I had heard about "Tinkerbell Gifts". 

What are Tinkerbell Gifts? They are little presents that tink leaves in your hotel room each day during your Disney trip. They are brought by you (not free from Disney World!) and can be a great way to reward good behavior and save money at the same time.

Since Sally is so young, its hard to have "rules" for her to follow,  but we do expect her to behave during our trip and listen to us. 

My plan is to have a gift waiting for her each morning when she wakes up and occasionally in the afternoons before we head to dinner and back to the park.

Gift Ideas:
*I like to give pajamas on some days. You can find really cute Disney themed pajamas at Target, The Disney Store, JC Penny, etc. 

*A new bathing suit, towel or water toy is fun if you are going swimming or to a water park. I especially love this towel from

*Snacks, sunglasses, candy, small toys, stuffed characters, etc. are all fun ideas. If you keep your eyes open, you will start seeing Disney stuff everywhere...$1 Store, $1 Spot at Target, Wal-Mart party section, etc.

*Glow sticks or light up toys make great gifts and bringing them from home will save you a ton of money!

*If you are doing a Princess meal, consider getting your little girl a princess dress/tiara to wear. They will feel super special. 

*It's fun to sprinkle some white/clear glitter around the gift to make it look like Tink was really there and left some pixie dust ;)

Here are some free printable tags. You can write a message from Tink. Printable Here.

Packing the Perfect Airplane Bag For Your Toddler

We leave for Disney this week and I have the perfect airplane bag packed for Sally. She is going to be so excited to carry it through the airport like a big girl and play with everything inside. The plane ride is only 2 hours and Sally has been traveling since she was an infant. Now that she gets her own airplane seat, I have to think ahead about the small things I can bring so we can all keep our sanity. Here are some things I have discovered that work for us. I hope it helps you :)

I knew I wanted to get her a cute Minnie backpack but was less than thrilled about the sparkly ones they sell at Target and Wal-Mart. I did a little searching and found the cutest Minnie backpack on ebay. It comes in several different colors and I think there may even be a Mickey option available too. Find it here. I will warn you that it is a "toddler" backpack so it is smaller than a regular backpack and meant for a toddler to carry themselves. 

The luggage tag came from Boland Designs. I love it so much!!

Here is a rundown of what is in the bag.

-stuffed Minnie
-sheet of Minnie stickers
-Minnie Halloween book (Target $1 spot 2013)
-Disney Princess book (Target $1 spot Fall 2014)
-Silly Putty
-Princess Fruit Snacks
-Mickey Pez

-Small Minnie Notebook
-Red Lollipop
-Applesauce Pouch
- Coloring Book
-The cutest crayon roll from KaiceJoy on Etsy. I love this so much! It is super cute and keeps our crayons organized.
-Two Little People Disney Princesses

Let me know if you have any other fabulous ideas that have worked for you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Disney Countdown Days 6-10

Our Disney countdown continues :)

6. Watch Disney parades on YouTube
* We watched the Festival of Fantasy parade and Sally was loving every second. I was too :) I cannot wait to see it in person.

7. Play Minnie Memory
This is a game that Sally got for her birthday.

8. Watch Princess and the Frog

9. Play with our Mickey & Minnie Mouse Play-doh set.
This was another birthday gift. I know you can get the set at Target. She loves it!

10. Watch Snow White

Monday, September 1, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Emma & Allie Designs

Today I want to share a great Etsy/Facebook shop with you. Emma and Ellie Designs can help you out with all of your monogramming needs. They also have the cutest pocket shirts, bathing suits, applique shirts, scarfs, etc. She also does custom designs if you have something in mind. Check out the adorable pocket t-shirt she made for me. I love it! It is going to be perfect for our coming Disney trip. 

Here are a few other favorites from her shop that would be perfect for your little Disney fan.

She can seriously hook you up with all of your Disney outfit needs. 

Find her on Etsy here and Facebook here.