Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Disney AEP: Day 7

The next morning was bittersweet.....it was the day we would have to leave the most magical place and go home...back to reality. I was missing my hubby and little ones though :)

The Polynesian lobby is just beautiful with all the natural light coming in. 

We had breakfast at Kona cafe. I had been reading about their pineapple macadamia nut pancakes and had to try them for myself. 

I also got the special juice. It was yummy!

I'll be honest, the pancakes were just OK to me. I was not blown away and don't think I would ever order again. I know some people love these though.

After breakfast it was time to head to the airport. I had an amazing trip. I got to try some new things made some great friends and learned a lot!! I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity! 

See you real soon!

Disney AEP: Day 6

After going to bed the night before at about 3:45am, I was shocked that I was able to drag myself out of bed so early the next morning. I had to...because we had a pre park opening breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest.

Being in the park before the crowds is nice. I always like to stop and take a picture in front of the castle. 

 As you can see...empty!! Only people with breakfast reservations get in early.

After we entered Be Our Guest, we made our selections using the touch screen. 

Its seat your self for breakfast so we took pictures in a few of the different rooms. 

Marci Jo was needing two coffees this morning!

They serve a plate of pastries with every order. So....if you want one plate per person, have everyone order and pay separately. Just a little trick. We boxed these up and snacked on them throughout the day.

I ordered the Cronut. It was ok....not worth the $20 in my opinion. 

One of the big reasons for getting an early breakfast is that you can make a mad dash for the ride you really want to do and ride it before the crowds are let in the park. That was the plan at least but today it didnt work like that. We made our way over to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and there was a working holding us in a  special area. Ad we were waiting for him to release us, we saw another working leading the guests from main entrance right to the line. We were mad. After talking with guest relations, they gave us a fast pass to use later.

Oh well...time for rides. We did all the mountains, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Small World, Winnie the Pooh, Haunted Mansion, Little Mermaid. 

Then it was time for lunch. We headed to Columbia Harbor House. 
I had actually never been to this Quick Service spot and I loved it.

I ordered the chicken nuggets with broccoli. It was yummy and hit the spot!

I also stopped into a shop and these shirts for me and Joe..I couldn't resist!!

We decided to head back to the hotel for a little nap. We knew we would need it in order to do late magic hours again. We stopped at the snack bar at Polynesian and got Dole Whips. These are my favorite treat at Disney!

We made it back to the room just in time. The bottom dropped out of the sky and it POURED!! Thats central Florida for you. It was perfect napping weather.

After a few hours we were up at 'em again. Back to Magic Kingdom for round 2!

We met Cinderella and Rapunzel!

Then we headed over to Be Our Guest for our dinner reservation. I know...Be Our Guest twice in one day? We are CRAZY!

Although Be Our Guest is quick service for breakfast and lunch, at dinner its a sit down meal and you MUST have reservations. 

We were seated in the main ballroom and I love how the napkins were rolled like the beasts rose. 
Its all these little details that make Disney so special. 

They served us French rolls with sea salt butter..yum!

I felt like I needed something green so I ordered a dinner salad. It was light and tasty!

As we were waiting on main courses, our waiter came over to chat. He told us that the cherubs on the ceiling were actually the faces of all the creators of this restaurant. Pretty neat!

I ordered the chicken for dinner and it was great!

We were too full from dessert but the waiter brought over some "grey stuff" for us to try. 

After dinner, you get to meet the Beast. He was HUGE!

After Be Our Guest we rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and all the mountains. 

We shut down the park again. As we were getting ready to leave I decided I really wanted a Mickey ice cream bar since I hadn't had one yet. I couldn't find one :(

The man who was helping me just handed me a Mickey ice cream sandwich and said "enjoy!". Just a touch of Disney magic! It wasn't what I wanted but it was pretty good. 

We pretty much passed out as soon as our heads hit the pillows.