Sunday, September 11, 2016

Packing the Perfect Bag for a Baby at Disney

I have learned (after several trips to Disney with kids), that although its good to be prepared, you don't need to bring everything you own to the parks. In 2 weeks, we leave for Disney with our new 4 month old baby.....yes you read that right. I am taking a 4 month old to Disney. Some of you may think I am crazy, but I have been told taking a new baby to Disney is quite easy...I mean they sleep all the time. I have done a lot of research and feel confident that I have the perfect bag packed to bring to the parks. We all know babies need a lot of stuff, but I have condensed the list down and here is what I am including.  You will see links to purchase these items underneath the pictures. Make sure to tell them that you heard about them from my blog!!

First of all, how cute is this backpack. Its the perfect size and lightweight to hold all the essential baby items. It's also very comfy to carry. 

These bags are perfect for holding all the small things (this is where all those sample sizes come in handy). I plan on adding a small thing of baby powder, some diaper rash cream, sunscreen, band aids and extra paci's. 

I love these personalized baby bottles! The seller was super sweet and even sent me a sip cup for my 4 year old! I will also be adding packets of formula. Don't forget you can get free cups of water all over the park to mix your formula need to carry around water bottles. Make sure to pack a bottle brush and a small bottle of dish soap so you can wash the bottles and nipples in the hotel room. 

Of course we need a paci clip and bib. These are so cute!! The fabric is soft and yes, you can even wash that paci clip. They match perfectly with all our cute Disney outfits!

Burp cloths are important for all that fun baby stuff (ha!). These three are just the perfect size and colors.  They also have terry cloth on one side so they are very absorbent. 

Of course I'm bringing lots of diapers (that goes without saying). Wipes are a must too. How cute is this wipes case?! It looks like Mickey Mouse!

I'm also adding in a clip on fan that we got on the last trip. You can usually buy these online and at a few local big box stores too. They are really nice to have to keep your baby cool on a hot day.  Don't forget extra batteries!

Don't forget a change of clothes...who knows what could happen? Spit up, blow outs, etc. Good times. Put it all in a big Ziplock bag so that you have a place for the dirty stuff.  Add in a small bottle of hand sanitizer. 

What else do you think are must have's?

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