Saturday, March 12, 2016

Disney Girls Trip {Day 4}

Day 4 came early and we were off to Epcot. One of the hard things about traveling with Sally by myself is that I had to get myself up and ready before even attempting to wake her up. Even then....there were usually bribes involved. These girls were just so tired every day!!

The whole group in front of Epcot.

We had an early breakfast reservation at Akershus. It's a fabulous Princess breakfast in the Norway section of World Showcase. There are usually about 5-6 princesses there so its a great way to get some princess meet and greets. Most of the little girls will be wearing their princesses dresses so make sure to bring one for your kids. 

Sally wanted to be Ariel. Instead of a scratchy dress up type dress, I really wanted her to have a comfy Ariel dress. MadysonAndMarie on etsy came through and made her this fabulous dress. It was just perfect!!

When you first enter the restaurant, you get to meet Belle and get your picture made with her. They used to give you a free print out of this but I found out on this trip they are now offering a free download on your Memory Maker. 

There is a buffet of fruits, pastries, cheeses, etc that you help yourself to and then they bring out a platter of hot food (bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes). Its all you can eat so fill up!

The princesses make their rounds around the tables. make sure to have your camera and autograph book ready!

Princess Aurora

Snow White

They also brought Sally a cupcake for her birthday!!



Also during the meal, they will call all the little princesses to come to the center of the room and they will have a parade around the restaurant. It's really cute!

The girls had fun twirling in their dresses!

We rode several rides at Epcot and also visited Club Cool Its a free area where you can sample Coke products from different countries!

We also met Mary Poppins in England!!

In France, we got some yummy salted caramel ice cream using a snack credit!

Sally got mixed berry sorbet.

We met Mulan in China.

For dinner, we had reservations at San Angel Inn in Mexico. Most people walk right past this building, never knowing whats inside. 

Look at the restaurant. Its so neat!! The whole thing looks like a Mexican marketplace at night. There is also a sweet little ride that takes you past the restaurant on the river.

The food is really good too!! I had a shrimp dish that was fabulous!

It was raining when we left so we had to make a run for the buses! Another successful day in the books!

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