Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DIsney AEP Trip : Day 5

The last day of AEP was bittersweet. I was sad the program was over but anxious for the next part of the trip. We started out meeting in the lobby and taking the bus over to Coronado Springs one last time. They had breakfast set up for us and we spent about an hour talking about best sales practices, having a little quiz and winning prizes, and having our closing celebration!! We each got to meet Mickey and have our picture made with him ;)

After that our AEP was officially over but the fun was really just starting!!

We headed back to the hotel to check out. They had arranged for a taxi to come get us and our bags and bring us to our new resort...POLYNESIAN!! 

We stayed in Tokelau in Room #3912. We had the most amazing view!!

I have always wanted to stay here so this was really a dream come true!!

This is where I slept. Thats a bed underneath the tv and yes it was very comfortable. 

We also had two bathrooms which came in handy!

Right down the hall was the door to the stairs and this was the view...Magic Kingdom!!

After getting settled at Polynesian we had dinner reservations at one of my favorites: Ohana!

When they bring you to your table you walk past the fire pit where all the meat is cooking.

Next you are seated and brought pineapple bread and a yummy salad. 

Next come the sticky wings and pot stickers.

Then the noodles and veggies...

Next they come around with meat on skewers....chicken, shrimp and steak!

It's SO much food!!

For dessert they bring out a bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and bananas foster sauce. 

The whole thing was just delicious but we practically had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant. 

Next stop: Magic Kingdom!!!

I seriously love the way everything is lit up at night...so magical!

We rode Space Mountain (my favorite!!) and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (People Mover).

Then it was time to get ready for wishes. We had fast passes to watch from the new hub. It was really nice not being in that huge crowd!

After Wishes, we rode several more rides and stopped for a few minutes to take in the Electrical Light  Parade.

Somehow Jessica and I somehow had the idea that we should close down the park....keep in mind it closes at 2am!! We rode a bunch of rides..Thunder Mountain, Seven Dwarfs, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Space Mountain.

Around 1am the park was almost empty. It was fabulous!!

 We may have done a photoshoot in front of the castle :)

We got to see the "kiss goodnight" on the castle...something I have always heard of but never experienced...that was neat!

Then we looked down main street and realized we were the only "non-workers" there and thought we better leave....we were there until 3am!!

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  1. Ohana is my favorite... seriously drooling just looking at the pics of dinner, SO dang good! And so envious you stayed at Polynesian... I haven't stayed there yet but it's my 'if budget didn't matter' top choice!