Thursday, September 18, 2014

Packing the Perfect Airplane Bag For Your Toddler

We leave for Disney this week and I have the perfect airplane bag packed for Sally. She is going to be so excited to carry it through the airport like a big girl and play with everything inside. The plane ride is only 2 hours and Sally has been traveling since she was an infant. Now that she gets her own airplane seat, I have to think ahead about the small things I can bring so we can all keep our sanity. Here are some things I have discovered that work for us. I hope it helps you :)

I knew I wanted to get her a cute Minnie backpack but was less than thrilled about the sparkly ones they sell at Target and Wal-Mart. I did a little searching and found the cutest Minnie backpack on ebay. It comes in several different colors and I think there may even be a Mickey option available too. Find it here. I will warn you that it is a "toddler" backpack so it is smaller than a regular backpack and meant for a toddler to carry themselves. 

The luggage tag came from Boland Designs. I love it so much!!

Here is a rundown of what is in the bag.

-stuffed Minnie
-sheet of Minnie stickers
-Minnie Halloween book (Target $1 spot 2013)
-Disney Princess book (Target $1 spot Fall 2014)
-Silly Putty
-Princess Fruit Snacks
-Mickey Pez

-Small Minnie Notebook
-Red Lollipop
-Applesauce Pouch
- Coloring Book
-The cutest crayon roll from KaiceJoy on Etsy. I love this so much! It is super cute and keeps our crayons organized.
-Two Little People Disney Princesses

Let me know if you have any other fabulous ideas that have worked for you.

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