Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Two Share Thoughts

Today I want to introduce you to a wonderful Etsy shop: TwoShareThoughts. They make the cutest snack sets..perfect for a long road trip, airplane ride or day at DISNEY!!

If you have a mermaid lover in your cute is this one?!

I love this Disney Funds jar too!

Of course my favorite has to be the Minnie snack set. 

This is the set I got for Sally.

The water bottle will be perfect to fill up for our long days in the park (Disney!). These snack boxes are all the rage on Pinterest. The idea is to fill up each little section with a different snack so that your child can choose the snack that they want. I cannot wait to pack ours for our trip. It's actually one of my activities on our Disney Countdown.  

I've already started working on a list of snacks to include. 

Here are some ideas:
fruit loops
sunflower seeds
hershey kisses
yogurt raisins
yogurt pretzels
apple sauce pouch
fruit snacks
baby carrots
dried bananas
a sucker
mini marshmallows
sesame sticks
jelly beans
chocolate chips
gummy worms
string cheese

Places that sell in bulk (Kroger, Fresh Market, Whole Foods) are great places to stock up since you can just get a few of something.

I will be sharing pics of our filled snack box before we leave on our trip in September. (Make sure you are following me on Instagram here)

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  1. I was searching for water bottles online and saw a picture with the mermaids on it. I just came here to write what the fuck kind of stupid name is Londyn? Whats even worse is it's spelt yooonique that the kid is going to have issues all her life.

    Not only that but it's an insult to the city.