Monday, August 7, 2017

2017 Kindermoon

So a little backstory.....Joe does not share the love of Disney like me. He likes it but does not feel the need to go multiple times a year. He doesn't want to crush my spirit though so he has said ( on multiple occasions) that he doesn't need to go but Sally and I can go whenever we want. Um....ok!

To tell you the truth, I needed some Sally time. I have been spending so much time each day attending to Henry's every need and she has gotten the short end of the stick. Its something that eats me up everyday and I try to do a better job everyday but its just not the same. We needed some time together and Disney just happens to be our happy place!!

Sally is a girl who loves surprises so it was no question that this trip would be a surprise. I couldn't wait to tell her!! She finished preschool on Friday.

On Saturday she had her dance recital.

After her dance recital, we presented her a gift bag. I had the cutest t-shirt from All Things Cute Designs, some Ariel perfume and her new magic band. When she saw that...she knew what it meant. DISNEY!!!

She was so excited and could hardly sleep that night. The next morning we woke up bright and early and headed for the airport!

Girls Trip!!

After a quick flight we arrived in Orlando and boarded Disney's Magical Express. 

After basically throwing our stuff in the room, we headed straight to Animal Kingdom! Sally had to organize a little first. 

First we stopped at the front of the hotel to pick up our stroller from Kingdom Strollers. They are BEST stroller rental company out there. They make it so very easy. You rent the stroller and they deliver right to the hotel. You use it during the trip and then you drop it back to the front desk before you leave. These are quality strollers too....BOBs and City Minis. They also come with a free rain cover which is super helpful!!

Sally and fun posing with the big "S" at All Star Music while waiting for the bus to the parks. 

We were so excited to finally be in the parks!! 

We were super pumped about one thing in particular....Sally was finally tall enough to ride DINOSAUR. Poor girl is only just now 40 inches. She had watched the video of the ride on Youtube but I dont think it prepared her for all the scary moving dinosaurs. She was scared right off the bat with the plant eaters. Of course now that we are home and says she wants to ride it again. 

After a dinner of honey chicken at Yak and Yeti, we posed for some pictures and met Pocahontas. 

We brought our Wilderness Explorers book and had fun earning badges. 

We were supposed to see Rivers of Lights but after waiting for over and hour, they cancelled it due to technical errors. I had fun teaching Sally how to do "the wave" as we waited. 

It was a long and exciting day and we were ready to go to bed as soon as we got back to the hotel.

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