Monday, June 1, 2015

Changes Coming To The Disney Dining Plan

Some amazing new changes are coming to the Disney Dining Plan! Many of these changes will not be proactively announced to guests but will be available effective May 31st with  signage coming to reflect some of the changes on June 4th.

Table Service Enhancements:
  • You can use a table service meal entitlement for others not on the meal plan! There will be no restrictions on the number of entitlements used in a dining experience. So if you are on the meal plan and your tablemates are not, you can use your credits to buy them dinner.
  • DeluxePremium and Platinum Dining Plans will now allow children to order off the adult menus at table service restaurants! (There is no distinction between child and adult credits for these plans. If you have the Disney Dining Plan, children may order an adult meal, but an adult credit will be deducted.)
  • Don’t want a dessert? Substitute a side salad, soup or fruit plate upon request – they will not be communicating this to guests (but subbing for an appetizer still will not be an option).

Quick Service Enhancements:
  •  Guests may now exchange one table service entitlement or one quick service entitlement for three snack credits in the same transaction.
  • Quick Service locations will allow kids to order off the adult menu as well! They will not enforce
  • All Quick Service side items will be considered snacks.
  • When ordering a Quick Service meal, you can choose any eligible side item instead of the drink or dessert. (Don’t want the dessert? Order fries instead!)
Disney Dining Plan Snack Logo
Disney Dining Plan Snack Logo
Snack Credits will now include:
  • All non-alcoholic beverages without a souvenir component
  • Single serve soups in quick service restaurants/ food courts
  • All item that are snack-eligible and also on the menu as single item but have additional options available as separate price (i.e, toppings, sauce, non-alcoholic shots, etc). So pretzels with cheese sauce or funnel cake with ice cream are now considered snacks.
  • All ice-cream novelties
  • All hand-scooped ice cream up to 2 scoops including sundaes! (not including souvenir containers)
  • All  items on Quick Service menu under “sides” or additional items that are not considered entrees
  • Quick Service breakfast items that are considered part of an entree and also offered as a side including cereal, french toast sticks, oatmeal or quinoa, grits, side of bacon/sausage, side of eggs/ hard boiled eggs, side of potatoes, or biscuits & gravy.
  • Large Mickey Cookies
  • Caramel or Candy Apple (with our without peanuts; excluding character-inspired apples)
  • Tin Mints
  • Fresh-popped popcorn at Big Top Souvenir and Karamell-Kuche is also included (but no pre-bagged popcorn will be included).
What do you think about the changes to the Disney Dining plan? Any questions?

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