Thursday, July 24, 2014

Disney Countdown Tutorial

I really wanted to create something for for our Disney Countdown. We leave in 60 days!! I plan to start this 30 days out. It was really easy to make. 

I used one of the leftover treat buckets from Sally's birthday party (Target $1 section). I painted some big popsicle sticks black and then used this Mickey punch to punch out 15 Mickey heads. I freehanded the bows and cut 15 red bows out. I used hot glue to attach them to the popsicle sticks. I typed up 30 activities for us to do leading up to our trip, printed them off, cut and put on the sticks using Modge Podge. The idea is for Sally to draw out a stick and for us to do that each day. Some take more prep work than others, so I may "help" her choose a atick on some days. 

Here is the list that I used:
*Have Mickey pancakes
*Make Mickey pizza
*Paint a picture of Mickey
*Have a Princess Spa Day
*Play with Mickey play-doh stuff
*Write a letter to a princess
*Write a letter to Minnie
*Eat Mickey doughnuts
*Make Mickey ice cream
*Have a tea party
*Make a princess wand
*Make a castle
*Fill our snack box
*Play Disney games on ipad
*Watch Disney parades on youtube
*Listen to the Disney parks CD
*Play Minnie memory
*Watch Princess and the Frog
*Watch Frozen
*Watch Cinderella
*Watch Tangled
*Watch Snow White
*Watch Aladdin
*Watch Sleeping Beauty
*Watch Little Mermaid
*Make Mickey shaped brownies or krispy treats
*Have a Mickey themed breakfast
*Have a Mickey lunch at school
*Buy a princess balloon at the store
*Buy princess plates and eat on them
*Have a princess themed lunch at school

Let me know if you have any fun ideas on how to prepare a 2 year old for Disney :)

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